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May 30, 2007

His Promises Are True!


Greetings, Dear Friends and Visitors!

As most of you know, I post every Wednesday and my goal is to nourish and bless you along your way...

Though we are surrounded by trouble, God is our fortress. Though these are turbulent times, God is our peace and He will lead us to quiet waters. Though people are weak in their convictions and morals seem scarce, God is the strength of our hearts.

Here is a powerful, paraphrased declaration from Psalm 112: 1-10...

Read it out loud today and go on in the strength of the Lord!

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May 23, 2007

This Day...


Greetings, Dear Friends!

And to those visiting, I say welcome! I post every Wednesday and my goal is to nourish and bless you as you go about your day.

With my books in one hand and my coffee cup in the other, I made my way out on to the deck this morning. Sleep has been eluding me lately making my mornings a little less enjoyable than they normally are.

Still, I love the morning. Everything about it. The new sunrise. They puffy clouds. The singing birds. The swaying trees. Each morning I sit on my deck and behold a fresh look at creation because it makes me feel close to my Creator.

In spite of my heavy eyelids and foggy brain, I was intent on experiencing the beginning of this new day. I was determined to be reminded once again of God's fresh mercies and abounding love. I love the fact that while I slept (tossed and turned, rather), the Lord of the Universe held me in His hands.

Do you know what a gift today is?

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May 16, 2007

Eyes To See...


Greetings, Dear Friends!

And to those visiting, I extend a special welcome. I post every Wednesday and my goal is to nourish and encourage you along your way.

Today is a recovery day for me. My husband and I co-chaired a large benefit banquet along with Christian artist Sara Groves and her husband Troy.

The banquet was to raise funds for the International Justice Mission. IJM, among other things, rescues young girls from the horrific life of human trafficking. They restore stolen land to widows. And they help free families and whole communities from bonded slavery.

Prior to the banquet, my husband and I sat in a conference room with the leaders of IJM. We bowed our heads in prayer, and invited God to be big in our midst.

We were surrounded by our heroes. The dignity, and bravery, and humility we saw in these people made our knees weak. They regularly put themselves in harms way for the sake of the poor and the oppressed and they consider it an honor to do so.

I loved Sharon Cohn's opening prayer, "Oh, Lord, we are so grateful for the humility of Your invitation...that you would want us to join you in this work..."

I looked around the room and wondered, "Does Minnesota even know who they have in their city? If they did, would the media be here? Would the Governor come and show his appreciation? Would the business owners and pastors all make the time to meet these great Kingdom people?"

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May 09, 2007

The Truth and the Lie...


Greetings, Dear Friends!

And to my new visitors, I say welcome. I post every Wednesday and my sole purpose is to bless and encourage you along your way...

I've been thinking a lot lately about the power of the lie.

The enemy of our souls is the father of lies and when we believe his rubbish, he can step back and watch us single-handedly destroy our own lives.

You see, to hold on to a lie means to let go of the abundant life and powerful destiny that God made available for those who believe Him.

Someone once said, "The devil lies to you, God tells you the truth, but you are the one who casts the deciding vote."

I've seen young girls give themselves away because they believed the lie that they were worthless. I've seen spouses walk away from a beautiful family because they believed the lie that the grass was greener somewhere else. I've seen godly Christians give in to selfish ambition because they believed the lie that if they're successful "here", they can be successful anywhere.

If we believe a lie, all of our choices will be in effort to retrieve for ourselves, in our own way, that which we think is lost or owed to us. Our underlying goal will be to rescue our sense of self worth and to grab what we think we deserve.

When we choose to believe the voice of the enemy, we give him (and spiteful people) a landing strip into the deepest places of our souls where only Jesus should be. We hand our precious value to the world on a silver platter with the invitation, "Here, you tell me what I'm worth, because I really don't know."

Though the lie isn't true, it often feels true, and because it feels true, we tend to believe it.

But then, there's the truth...

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May 02, 2007

Give Courage...


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

To those visiting I say welcome. I post every Wednesday and my purpose is to bless you in your day as you go along your way.

Have you ever found yourself going about your day when suddenly you realize that your joy and peace have been replaced by a nauseating sense of self doubt?

I used to be plagued with self-doubt but God has done such a deep and refining work in me that I rarely trip up in that area anymore. I did say, rarely, which means I sometimes still do.

In fact, just yesterday I walked away from a conversation that left me looking down and not up.

It only took me a few minutes (or was it hours) to reaffirm to myself the fact that I have followed as Jesus has led me. My walk might look a little different than yours, and your walk no doubt looks different than your neighbors, but it's the path that counts. As long as we press on, press in, and keep moving toward the Promised Land, we don't have to split hairs over pigeon toes, duck feet, knocked knees, or short steps.

We're all different - and that was God's design - but we have this in common - we were made to bring Him glory.

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