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April 27, 2010

Shut the Door!


Greetings, Dear Friends!

Susie Larson here...

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Now on to my topic...

This morning I posted these words on my Facebook page: 

Joy Stealer: Looking for man's approval when you already have God's abounding love and acceptance.

You'd think I would know by now not to allow myself any deep introspection on Mondays. Let me explain. During the fall and spring seasons I do a lot of speaking on the weekends. And really, I've learned - for the most part - not to look inward too much on Mondays. As I rule, I typically guard my thoughts, refuse to look over my shoulder, or obsess over what I could have done or said differently. And really, for the most part, that's just what I do. I look ahead. I work out. I catch up on things around the house and on my computer. And I thank God by faith for how He moved at the event. Then I go on to pray for the women I just spoke to. All of these things keep me focused forward on the things God has given me to do for that day.

But...every once in a while, someone says something that gets in or takes me by surprise, and like a little rat that wiggles its way through the smallest crack in the door, fear and self-awareness finds its way in where faith and God-awareness reigned. I hate it when that happens!

Thankfully, though, it doesn't take me as long to get myself back to the place of peace and assurance. Even so, that door should never be open. You know the door I'm talking about: the one that leads to your value and acceptance as someone who belongs to God. Yes, people will reject and betray us, but they still don't have the power to diminish or decide our value. Right?

Read this excerpt from my book, "The Uncommon Woman"

Giving people easy access to dethrone our identity and devastate us is not healthy. Deep in our souls there must be an inner chamber where only Jesus resides. It's  in that place where Jesus sits on the throne of our lives. By His very presence there, we are made, and continually made whole. He has already decided our worth, so it must never be up for grabs again. Since we belong to God, we can rule in the midst of our enemies (See Psalm 110:2). Some people are just plain mean; and others, misguided. We can be kind to these people but we don't have to let them (or their words) in. Others might be on to something when they point out our flaws, but if they possess no fear of God, we must confidently leave their presence and bring ourselves before the Lord. In that safe and holy place we confess our sin, admit our need for more of Him, and then throw ourselves on the mercy of heaven's court." (p. 111)

God knows our frame. He doesn't forget that we are human. But He loves us still. And His Son paid an exorbitant price to save us. Our worth is a settled issue.

It's just true. We all need to be reminded of this from time to time. We all have days when the cold winds blow that door open and leave us vulnerable to the lies of the enemy. But every day, may we identify ourselves with the Lord, as His very own. Every day, may we embrace His love as the defining factor of our lives. And every day, may we turn and love others in the way that He has loved us, because we can.

Until next week~


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You're like a little angel in my pocket.

Bless you. :)


I think you're on such a wonderful journey and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your raw honesty. I struggled years with self awareness and condemnation. I still do sometimes, which completely compels me to self-protect. I too have come a long way in trusting God's love, His protection, and His provision in my life. It's a much better way to live. :) Bless you, my dear.

Dear Rebecca,

Thanks for your honest words (and for your prayers for my schedule). I am so thankful to be in my 'off season' with speaking. Looking forward to some much needed rest. Bless you, bless you for your earnest and constant heart for the Lord.

Bless you, Melissa!

Thanks for sharing!

Dear Stephenie,

So glad you were encouraged by the post. With each new day may we get better at discerning God's voice above all others. Bless you.

Dear Kathy,

Whenever I read your words, I can see your beautiful smile. I'm so thankful for your passion for the Lord. May we continue to encourage each other until the trumpet sounds! Bless you, my friend.

Dear Anonymous,

Great post. So often we are afraid of the truth, but as you wrote, the truth that overrides every other mistake, misstep, or secret sin, is that we are treasured by God; we have access to His presence and His promises, and no one can gossip enough to Him to make Him change His mind about us. He is sold on the idea of us and that is simply wonderful. So grateful to belong to Him! Thanks for your post!

Precious. Precious. Precious. God thinks you are absolutely precious.

That particular excerpt from UW strikes such a cord in me. I think I lean too much on my self protection and not at all on the quiet space where Jesus is. I am not even sure if I have given him that space. All part of building the relationship, I guess.

I've been a victim of fear myself lately. I found a helpful list, and posted it on my blog. Here's the link:


(Your quote from UW makes me want to go back & read it all over again!)

Thank you for your honesty. We can all grow through this. The enemy of our soul knows when to attack. He knows when we are vulnerable and tired. And the flip side is, he knows who to use. This has been such a stumbling block for me. I have the best heart and intentions on something and when I get the slightest bit of reluctance I question myself. Why? I feel burying the word of God in my heart is so important. Jesus quoted scripture to Satan when He was tempted in the wilderness. This is my example on how to handle these situations. The biggest challenge I have is forgiving the offender immediately and allowing the Holy Spirit to speak through me.

You're schedule is so busy
Susie, I will continue to pray for you to find rest and comfort in the Lord. Looking forward to seeing you at the IJM Benefit.
Psalm 90:17 May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us--yes, establish the work of our hands.

Bless you~

Thanks for sharing this Susie. I was confronted with someone's words this past week, and unfortunately I had the door to my heart wide open. Thank you for sharing your perspective and pointing the way to Jesus.

Another "ah" post. Grateful for your vulnerability, your life experience, and your victory~for they are so encouraging!

I love that we have a place in Jesus' heart, and it is safe. It is secure. It is eternal...and nothing can shake us from His grip! Halleluiah!

As always a great post.

If we really did live each day not allowing words and opinions to affect us; how glorious our lives would be!

Living like this reminds me of the childhood game, "Truth or Dare." You didn't mind doing the dare because, no matter how foolish you looked, you knew everyone would know the truth soon enough.

Our truth is how we are endlessly adored by God, and that He only judges us by our obedience to His Word. Our truth is that we will only face Him with an account for how we chose to live our lives. (Debby Downer and Sister So-and-So will not be there for us to point to.)

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