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January 05, 2011

Be In Awe

Winter Beauty

Greetings, Dear Friends, and a Happy New Year to You!

Susie Larson here...

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Now on to my topic...

As we move into a new year with the holidays behind us, it's easy to put our noses to the grindstone until springtime, work at an unrelenting pace, all the while forgetting what it means to pause and rest along the way. Maybe it's just me, but this stretch from January to April tends to be one big blur of all work and very little play.

Today on Live the Promise we'll be talking about one of the MOST underrated physical and spiritual disciplines out there: REST. 

All too often we equate 'Busyness' with 'Importance' when nothing could be further from the truth. While it's true, the Christ-follower will always have 'job security' (as long as we're alive, God will have something for us to do), it's equally true that God calls us to moments by still waters, to rest and to remember the provision and goodness of our God; to stand in awe of who He is and what He has done. Working as unto the Lord strengthens our spiritual muscles. Sabbath moments helps those muscles heal.

This morning I woke up with burning eyes after a fitful night's sleep. I had to be out the door much earlier than usual. From the get go, I felt under, not on top of my day. But as soon as I got in the car, I took a deep breath and exhaled. Next, I turned on the radio station and listened to the words of a beautiful worship song. I tasted the words, felt their impact, and embraced their truth. Then, I turned down the radio and began to pray out loud. I called to mind the greatness and the intimacy of my God; I thanked Him for the countless ways He covers me in the shadow of His wing. I humbled myself once again and put all of my fleshly risings under my feet - declaring instead that Jesus will be lifted up in my life and nothing else.

Within a very short time, I found my way to joy and fullness again. Psalm 16:11 reminds that it's in His presence where we find the fullness of joy.

There's something to be said about pausing, inhaling, exhaling, and right where you live - right where you stand this moment - looking for and finding the greatness of God in your midst.

Be-in-awe of the fact that He is right beside you, with you, intimately engaged with your concerns and hopes and dreams. Aren't we just so blessed that the most powerful force there is, loves us without condition?

The Bible says that the Heavens declare the glory of God and day after day, they pour forth speech. I'm sure you're the same way, but I see God's fingerprints every morning when I look up and see the sky. I see God's handiwork when I look around my house and realize that I have a roof over my head. I'm in awe that I have friends who love me and a husband who loves to pray. I treasure the fact that new mercies await me every morning - which means God has already gone ahead of me to make a way for me. Amazing love.

Surely you have your own list of blessings to count and your own way of stopping to take them all in. I pray that you will do that this very day, and on a regular basis in the weeks to come.

Be in awe of God's attention to detail. His artistry is all around you. Every good thing comes from His hand. 

Pause today and take it in. You'll be blessed and strengthened in a brief moment. You'll be reminded once again that you were made for another word, and that you're just passing through this place called Earth. Since that's true, pausing long enough to remember your true identity and source of life seems of utmost importance, wouldn't you say? I think so too.

~Until next week...


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Dear Shawna,

So glad to know that you're reading (and enjoying) the 'Grateful Kids' book! I loved writing that one. :) Thanks for taking the time to post here. May God bless you as you raise up your future world-changers.

Blessings to you!

Dear Sarah,

Thanks for sharing about your current Sabbath season. I'd love to hear more from you. What is God teaching you during this time? In what ways do you feel your soul being restored? Anything about this time surprising you? I'd love to know!

Blessings to you, sister~


Nice to hear from you! Yes, I too love Nona's music. I've been using it during my prayer times. So wonderful. A great catalyst to those intimate times of rest and prayer.

Blessings to you, sister!

Hi Kathy,

Thanks for your post! We really do live in the constant tension of running the rat race and resting in Him. But it's a good fight, and as you know, so worth it when we can lay hold of His peace and rest. One day in His courts is better than a thousand anywhere else...Yes, Lord.

Blessings, my friend.


What a powerful statement! And what a gift you give to others in asking God to bless them with peace and rest. We definitely have to protect and make provision in our lives for rest. I've found that it's also a state of mind when it comes to living every day in His care and not getting sucked into the hustle bustle of the culture. May God give you in abundance what the very thing you pray for others! Blessings to you, my sister!


You've got it right, it's all about BEING STILL and KNOWING that He is God! And just so you don't struggle with this thought, my sweet husband wasn't always as earnest in prayer as he is now. It's something that has evolved over time (and something I've prayed earnestly for). If I can encourage you - especially in times of trial or transition - you need to make room and time to hear what God is saying. He is speaking! May we listen! Blessings, dear sister.

Hi there. I'm in the middle of Growing Grateful Kids and I love it! Thanks for the perspective as I raise my little ones. I'm definitely going to implement the fasting (self-restraint) ideas.

I've bookmarked your blog and am so glad books and the internet allow me to glean what God is teaching you.

Thank you again for the reminder that God sometimes calls us to seasons of Rest. I truly feel that is my season right now... a Sabbath season. A season to rest my body, mind and soul... a season to remember who is in control and where my strength truly comes from. A season to not lean on my own understanding, but to take from the ever present stream of grace and peace that he offers. He is good.

This is a really beautiful reminder that God uses music to bring deliverance from the stresses of life and rest to our soul when we let Him shelter us. Psalm 32:7 "You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance". You mentioned that as you embraced the truth of the music and called on the name of the Lord, you soon found your way back to joy and fullness!

I have recently fallen in love with "Be Still Music" by my friends Nona and Roger. I missed your two shows when their CHRISTmas album was broadcast (but thank you for taking two days to feature this God- inspired music). In 2011, I am going to take more time to rest and soak in His songs of deliverance.
Many blessings to you, Susie!

I like your re-focus. I have to do that every time I hurriedly leave the house. I often ponder the pressure. Why I feel it, what it's about...usually fear of something...failure, disappointing a person, having them wait too long, or...I stayed in bed a little too long and feel guilty, and rushed.

Glad that one glance at Jesus is enough to see reality! It's not about me or anyone else being happy with me. It's not up to me either.

Your strength Lord! When I am weak...you are strong!OH God is good!!! :)


Good word Susie! I believe that Satan is succeeding in robbing us of the joy and the peace that God meant for us to enjoy by filling our lives up with "stuff" and distracting us from Him and His great gifts. Rest is critical, so why do we feel so guilty when we rest! I find more and more that as I pray over people, I find myself asking God to give them rest and peace!

It is so hard to find rest some days! Just to get my mind to stop and listen as it is whirling so fast with all the decisions to make...
You are blessed to have a husband that loves to pray..to have a husband that desires and seeks God in every detail is what I pray for!
Just to be still and hear the voice of God...let's just start there at the freshness of this new year...a new beginning is needed.

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