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March 09, 2011

God's Above & Beyond Provision...

Breakthrough Sunshine

Greetings, Friends! Susie Larson here!

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Now on to my topic...

Recently I had a conversation with a friend about her journey through the wilderness. It's been a slow and sometimes agonizing passage for her. The thing is, if she didn't love and fear God, she could take a few steps to the right and land herself on the fast highway that leads to her desires. But truth be told, that would be her way, not God's way. And above all, she wants God's highest and best will for her.

As she shared about the weariness in her steps, I leaned in, grabbed her arm, and said, "Listen to me, friend. Your sacrifice of praise and your sacrificial obedience have not gone unnoticed by God. There is NO sacrifice you could make to Him that will not met with a totally disproportionate response of His great love, and grace and provision! Any gift you give, any offering you make, and initiative you take to obey Him when it costs you, will be responded to in ways you cannot imagine. He is a disproportionate God! Understand your wealth in Him. Though you feel the pain of this sacrifice now, get a vision for the response He is preparing for you!"

I felt especially inspired to share that with you today as well. 

Some of you are making huge sacrifices for His Name's sake. Some of you could so easily grab for yourself a counterfeit version of something He has promised you, but ultimately, you want to wait for God's best for you. Do it, my friend. Wait for God's best and see if He won't absolutely blow your mind with His goodness, His grace, and His attention to detail. 

If at all possible, get your eyes off of what it's costing you right now, and lift your eyes to the Heavens, your unlimited supply. If you're lacking in strength or perspective, get alone with God. Spend extended time camping in His presence. Open your hands to receive more of what He so lovingly wants to give. Remind yourself of His Word and His promise to you. Strengthen yourself in Him by reminding yourself who you are TO HIM! 

There is no gift you can give, no prayer you can pray, no act of obedience that you can initiate that will not be met by overwhelming love, provision, goodness, grace, and power. You may not see its evidence right away, but it is there, affecting change, making a difference, and moving mountains. One day your eyes will see it. So know it now. Stand on the faithfulness of God now. Today. Believe Him for big things. Entrust your cares, your sacrifices, and your gifts to Him.

There is no better, no safer place than with Jesus. And, you'll not receive a better return on your investment of trust, time, and talents. God is in the business of exponential, over and above, beyond our wildest dreams, kinds of answers. Your everything is safe with Him.

Open your arms wide. Look up. Trust Him. He is good and He is crazy in love with you!

~Until next week.



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It's been a while sence I've had a chance to read your blog...and found myself saying tonight..how did she know where I was at? :) God knew I needed a reminder tonight to keep on track. It has been a constant struggle for me the last two years to keep the right perspective. My husband and I moved two yrs ago, taking a very small community church. And through all of it, I have struggled with the desire to feel like I gave up everything to do this, but instead vocus on the goal before us. Even today as I looked at house listings (we are currently living in a small apartment with our five children until our house where we used to live sells)I was "feeling" sorry for myself that I couldn't even have a house. I know that He has been faithful to provide for us, and as you said, I want to stand on that! I want to believe that this time has a purpose! Not only for our family, but for the people we have been called to serve! Sorry that was kind of a long comment ramble...But I wanted to say thank you for the encouragment! :)

Thank you for your words, Susie. I am a mother of 4 young children and some days I feel pulled in all directions. Keeping my focus on God helps me get through those days. He has called me to teach my children things that they need to know about life and I know they are not going to get these lesson any place else. I ask God to give me the words they need the hear and understand. I know my reward is seeing my children grown up and living for the Lord.

Well said! God has called me to work with an organization called Caris. They provide free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and counseling, all for free! They are a Christian organization that cares about women and their unborn babies. All that to say, that God called me to step out of my shy, quiet, unnoticed comfort zone to organize a baby shower for 6 young ladies! I was scared to do it but God has provided the meals, games, gifts, etc through His people. I am truly, deeply amazed at His great provision! People have donated money, gifts, their time etc. God has lit a desire in their hearts to join me in His work at Caris. And for that I am praising Him. The Baby Shower is tomorrow and I am excited to see His presence at work! I am glad that I decided to "open my arms, look up and trust Him"!

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