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August 24, 2011

Lay Hold of Your Inheritance!

Glorious Morning Happy Wednesday, Friends! Susie Larson here...

I post every Wednesday and my sole purpose is to nourish your soul along the way. Each month I give away a $10.00 Starbucks gift card to someone who posts on my blog. So leave a post, share an insight, bless lots of people, and just maybe you'll win a jolt of java for you and a friend.

Now on to my topic...

On Monday I had Lisa Bevere on the show and we talked about her amazing book, Lioness Arising. We had a powerful time together. We talked about the call for women to wake up to their divine value and calling. Hundreds of people shared the link to this show with their friends. I'm telling you, if you missed it, listen to the podcast. You'll be inspired. Click here to listen to the podcast (share it with a friend too!).

When my sons were young, I noticed certain weaknesses in them that would deeply impact their adult years if not addressed. One particular son, though he was generous, gentle, meek, and mild, had a tendency to shrug his shoulders and take the path of least resistance in almost any situation. One day I spoke these words to him, "Honey, you know the story of how Esau, because of his immediate hunger and shortsightedness, traded his birthright for a bowl of soup? Well, in certain ways, you do the same thing every time you choose the comfortable path over the courageous one. If you're so short-sighted that you only think about comfort and self-preservation in the immediate moment, you'll miss the bigness of God's call on your life."

We all surrender a portion of  our priceless inheritance for a measly bowl of soup at different times, in various situations. 

The Bible tells us that when we are in Christ, everything He has is ours. We are now joint heirs with Christ. We are rich in every way so we can be generous on every occasion; blessed to be a blessing. And though our identity and salvation are free gifts through faith, the abundant life and treasures we're called to appropriate here on earth don't come without a fight. We have to contend with a very real enemy who seeks to steal kill and destroy everything good in our lives (see John 10:10).

It's easier to worry than it is to have faith. It's easier to detach from a friend than it is to confront her (I've learned this the hard way). It's easier to stay stuck in a life situation that you hate than it is to seek God for a fresh vision for your life. It's easier to hold a grudge than to extend a hand of grace. It's easier to watch four hours of TV than it is to pray and worship and read for two. It's easier to react to life than it is to respond to God. It's easier to spend money on ourselves than it is to give it to someone who has less than us. It's easier to complain than it is to offer praise. It's easier to notice what you lack than to dance with joy over what you possess. 

You get the point.

Every time we lift our eyes and get a glimpse of the bigger picture of who we are and what we possess by faith, God's Kingdom increases in and through us. Jesus said, "I've come that you might have life and life abundantly." But that beautiful life doesn't come without a God-breathed vision and some feisty faith. 

May the Lord Himself breathe fresh life into our faith; may He fill us up with renewed joy; may He strengthen our resolve to do the hard thing, the right thing, the thing moves His Kingdom forward in and through us. And may He bring clarity to our vision and perspective so we see ourselves for the rich ambassadors we are. We love You, Lord. Lead us onward. 

~Until Next Week 


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Thanks very much,I learn a lot from your information...

Dear Nancy,

Bless you, bless you for such a wonderful, encouraging post! Thanks for taking the time to send such sweet words! We sure loved our time in Baton Rouge. May God Himself continue to make Himself real to you; may He pour out a fresh anointing of grace, peace, and joy over you. And may His Word come alive to you in ways you never thought possible. Blessings to you, my sister!


So glad to connect with you here! We sure loved our time in Baton Rouge. May the Lord Himself pour into your heart, divine wisdom for your kids, divine direction for your life, and divine insight into your calling. May God bless you abundantly in every way. Peace to you, sister!

Dear Tammy,

Bless you for stepping up and stepping out! May God richly bless your Bible study and may He add to your numbers with each new day. May this be the beginning of a whole new ministry for you! May God speak powerfully through you; may He teach you profound and powerful truths as you make yourself available to be His hands and feet. Bless you, sister!


Your faith is a beautiful thing. May God bring the breakthrough at just the right time. May He more than supply all your needs. May He bless your hubby with a God-appointed job that suits him perfectly. And may He bless your marriage with a newfound joy and expectancy. In Jesus' Name, I pray. Amen!

Hi Kathy,

The term 'feisty faith' fits you well! Thanks so much for your prayers. I thought I had your email address but I was wrong. Can you send it to me via Facebook? I so appreciate your passion and conviction to walk closely with Jesus. Bless you, beautiful girl.


Isn't it something how God appoints certain books for certain seasons? I'm glad you picked up the Alone book for such a time as this! May God use those words to bless and strengthen you! May He move in your midst in ways that boggle your mind and bless your soul. :) Peace to you, my sister!

Susie, about a week ago my sister-in-law was here from another country. She asked me for some Christian books in english to take home. She left with quite a stack, but I didn't give her your book, Alone in Marriage. It's a blessing that I went through the books on the shelf, because just like four years ago when I bought the book at a retreat you spoke at, I am in real need of encouragement. It's always been in the back of my mind that this is a season, I am just ready to move onto the next. God put this book back in my hands this week, with your encouragement and the Lord's word, I will have support through this season of my life no matter how long it is. Thank you for your ministry and experience. Mary E

I love the term "FEISTY FAITH" and the challenge to take the high road where the steps are a bit riskier, the path is narrower, and there seem to be more boulders to get around....Love you Susie and keeping you in prayer. :)

Brings tears to my eyes! My husband has been unemployed for five months and we've been seeking God for the next step in ministry. At times we've been encouraged to take the easy, more obvious, route. And it is tempting. But we're holding on that God has called us, and he hasn't uncalled us, and so we'll remain faithful. Even if he doesn't provide that next place of ministry until the 11th hour we want to be found trusting. Thank you for your encouragement!

Love - Love how God works.....we addressed this very scripture at bible study Monday night...and we asked ourselves, "do we as Christians today, give up our birthright for a bowl of soup?" for comport - immediate gratification, etc. And here you are with your Wed question:)) Im facilitating a Beth Moore study for the first time tonight - just starting with a few women, already knowing I will offer it again and again, in other parts of communities, groups, etc. This is just ONE way I can forward the Kingdom, do something for the Lord whom I love so much...and share what His love has done in my life....My birthright is to be His...and I want others to know that very same thing...by getting to know Him more! Im excited but a bit out of my "comfort zone" - but may He bless me with wisdom to go forth with this and than trust me to do so much more for Him! Like you do Susie:)) Bless you ~ Tam

Susie, I am so grateful to have met you last weekend and to know of your ministry. I thought the weekend was amazing. I am excited to know that I can receive a word from you on a regular basis now, through this resource. What a blessing! Your message today spoke specifically to me about one of my children. I will "borrow" your wisdom and remind my child to remember the bigness of our Heavenly Father. I also love the term feisty faith... yep, that one is going to be called upon for future reference, too. Thank you for blessing me and my little family. God bless you. ~ Laurie

Susie, I was at the Beautiful Conference last weekend in BR. Wow! I know that you will never know until you are in Heaven the full impact of your life. I want you to however that your heart and passion, reached out from the pulpit and bowled me over. Your message and heart have made an impact and I will be listening and praying for your ministry and your family! Thank you, thank you , thank you for stepping up, stepping out and letting The Father truly use you to help set the captives free! Blessing on your life! Nancy Clary,

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