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November 03, 2010

Silence Your Unbelief!

Bayfield Docks at Night

Greetings, Dear Friends!

Susie Larson here...

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Now on to my topic...

In the book of Numbers we read the about how Moses sent out spies to scope out the land to see if it was time to take their next place of promise. Interestingly enough, Moses received two different reports from his men.

The first report went as follows (my paraphrase here): "Yes, the land looks abundantly wonderful, HOWEVER, there are obstacles to overcome; the people are strong and the walls are stronger. There is no way we'll ever be able to possess that land!"

The second report came from Joshua and Caleb (my paraphrase again): "Let's go at once and take this land! For we are well able to overcome and possess that which God has promised us! The land is great and our God is greater still!" 

The first group of spies rebutted these mighty faith-filled words with their doomed perspective of failure. This bad report was enough to initiate a spirit of unbelief amongst the troops. So much so, that the Israelites fell into murmuring, complaining, and even insubordination. The power of the spoken word is mind-boggling, no?

And what was the consequence of treasuring their fears more than the promises of the Living God? They were denied access to the Promised Land. Every one of them, save Joshua and Caleb, died in the wilderness. Unbelief robs us of our destiny in Christ. 

Jump ahead forty years. Joshua is an older, seasoned, and even braver warrior. He is leading the next generation of Israelites and preparing them to take the land their parents had forfeited by their own unbelief. It's interesting that this time God commanded the Israelites to march around the city of Jericho once a day, for six days - saying nothing. They were NOT to open their mouths! 

My study notes in my Bible have this to say about that precursor to victory: 

"The memory that Israel's 40-year punishment in the wilderness was a result of people's murmuring in unbelief was doubtless in Joshua's mind. At that time, the spies had returned with a report motivated by what man sees without Holy Spirit-given vision. Their unbelief...had sealed their fate in the wilderness." (NKJV - Spirit Filled Life Bible). But not this time!

Could it be that God called the next generation of Israelites to go forward without speech because of their parents' sin of constant and continuous grumbling? Fortunately, this story ends with a victorious shout! On the seventh day the Israelites marched around Jericho seven times and gave a mighty shout. And the walls came tumbling down!

Are you marching into new territory? Are you glaring at your obstacles and recounting the harshness of your steps daily? It's time to silence your unbelief! Time to quit complaining! 

Let your gaze be fixed on Christ! Let your focus be zeroed in on the land God has promised you, not on the giants in the land. When you are in step with the Living Lord, anything is possible. The Israelites didn't even have to lift a sword to take down a massive fortification. And we serve the same God today.

Walk forward unafraid. In fact, walk forward with humble yet bold courage. Silence your unbelief and give words to your faith in Almighty God, who daily establishes His purposes for you!

~Until next week. 



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Hey there,

I heard you for the first time on AFR while getting dressed for work yesterday and WOW! Your story is truly an amazing one. I do not have children of my own due to a health condition that did not permit. But you should have seen me grabbing my BIBLE this morning and jotting down notes. I love every single thing you shared on that program. I could feel the spirit of the LORD as you spoke flow through the airwaves and into to my heart! Your story brought tears to my eyes and they were JOYFUL and my heart overwhelmed with warmth as you spoke. I would have loved to have grown up with parents with those parenting skills. Everything you said could be applied in all area's of even my life. A childless woman. Thanks so much for sharing and now that I have found you I hope I never lose track of you and your works. Keep writing, speaking hosting and blogging. You have a new friend! Be BLESSED!~

Great post, Facebook Friend!

It's amazing but those Jericho walls were very thick and could have been anywhere from 15 to 30 feet thick. Imagine the power of the Living God displayed on that day! You are right, it's such a reminder that God's strength is unmatched and the enemy is no match for us when we walk with God! Bless you!


May God strengthen you and bless you during your journey through a difficult land. May your ears be fine tuned to His voice and your heart set on obeying Him. He is faithful and He is engaged with you every step of the way. Blessings to you!


Thanks for your honest post! The lesson you're learning about 'taking thoughts captive and making them obedient' is a tough yet powerful lesson. It takes great spiritual maturity and tenacity to maintain a redeemed, victorious mindset! But it's soooo worth it! May God bless you abundantly in the coming year!

Dear Beck,

I just love your honest and wonderful post! I'd say you speak for the majority of the population (judging the Israelites, when we're so much like them). I too have come to embrace those wilderness seasons because of the treasures and God-intimacy I always find in those places. Thanks for your great post!

As much as I long for the promised land(fullness of Christ and the reality of promises here on earth and then eternity with him) I'm learning to love the desert too. I used to be such a snob to those poor Israelites with all of their doubting and then one day I looked in the mirror and saw one looking back at me! I wonder if their victory at entering the promised land was that much sweeter because after 40 years they knew exactly who had taken them there and whose the victory was. I hope that will be true of me after wandering in my desert; that I will always have my eyes on my Champion, that I'll always point gratefully to him. After these dark, shameful days I'm looking forward to a mighty shout of victory!

Enjoyed this post. Today there are two types of people who see one situation and focus on different things. You can look at your circumstances and focus on the bad or be like the good spies and focus on what God can do.

I just got back from your conference in the Dells. Thank you so much for an awesome time. God is good, thank you for allowing Him to use you & your life to reach so many women.

How often I look at a situation that seems overwhelming, I see all the obstacles and become frightened. Fear never accomplishes anything but keeps me frozen and stuck. We are commanded to not fear but to trust God in all circumstances of our life. God has done many mighty miracles in my life, it puzzles me why I still struggle with disbelief of His power to overcome. Emotions are powerful and can overtake in a moment. I am learning to take all thoughts captive to Christ. Then I can enjoy the freedom and victory over the sin of worry.

Amen....God already knows the future and He WILL NOT allow anything without it going through His hands first. As we get caught up in "life" it is so easy to forget. Thanks for the reminder to continue on the journey and allow His leading!

When I hear that story, that the walls of Jericho literally fell because the people obeyed God, it is easy to think those walls must have been poorly built or something to come down that easily: 'like, what kind of walls were they building where you could march and shout and knock them down -cardboard?'
I think God puts the part in there earlier to show us how the promised land looked intimidating if looked at through the paradigm of human strength, and thus we can assume that Jericho's walls were not lacking in strength (just like in life some of our problems might not be). But with obedience to the spirit of the law in God's word, we can overcome because we pray & obey out of victory and not defeat.

thank you for this reminder! it has brought great encouragement to me today as i am embarking on a new journey that God has called me to! God bless!

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