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December 28, 2011

Look Forward...

BeautifulGreetings, Dear Friends, and a Happy New Year to You!

Susie Larson here...

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Now on to my topic...

As the year 2011 draws to a close it's a great time to pause and thank God for the mercies He has shown us. Each and every morning this past year, new mercies greeted us because we needed them. Each and every night His faithfulness met us right where we lived. God has been faithful. We are still standing!

I'm always amazed when I hear movie stars say that they've lived with no regrets, because I have lots of regrets. With all of my heart, I wish I could say I never hurt another soul, I never uttered words that should not have been spoken, I never had a betraying thought, and I never got so busy that I missed my child's smile.

With everything in me I wish I could say that I've been grateful every day of my life that I have a roof over my head, fresh water to drink, a family who loves me, and a God who never fails me. I wish I could say that I've never been impatient with distracted drivers, or that I'm always gracious to rude people. Oh, Lord, I wish I were more like you! But I'm just me - someone whom God renews and redeems in deeper ways every single day. Oh, how I love Him so!

When the Lord told Abraham that he would be the father of many nations and that his wife Sarah would bear a son in her old age, she laughed in disbelief and then tried to cover it up. But how is she remembered in the New Testament? As someone who believed God.

If you are a follower of Christ, your sins are forgiven. The regrets from 2011? They're covered in the blood of the Lamb, buried in the sea of forgetfulness! God remembers them no more! They are put out of His sight, no longer your burden to carry! Isn't that amazing?

What's even more amazing is what He remembers about you from 2011; He remembers every time you smiled at someone even though your own heart was breaking. He remembers when you laughed and played with your child while inside you were concerned about your finances. He remembers that you gave sacrificially to those who have less than you. All of these things are written down in the Book of Life - His book of remembrance of those He loves and has saved. Even when you talk with your friend about faith, He writes it down (see Malachi 3:16). 

Do not let the enemy remind you again of your sins, mistakes, and missteps from this past year. If you are in Christ, you are new creation! There is therefore NOW NO CONDEMNATION for you who are in Christ Jesus.

Forget what lies behind and look forward with faith and hope and thanksgiving! 

We are more than conquerors because of Christ in us! I don't think I'll ever fully comprehend His gift to us. But I am grateful nonetheless.

~Until next year



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Thank you, Susie. This week I have enjoyed God's beautiful sunrises, filling my heart & soul with praise & glory to God! Yes, I am overwhelmed by all the blessings & freedoms I enjoy! Dear Friends - may God bless you as well!

Thanks very much,I learn a lot from your information...


Thanks for your post. So true! All things are possible. May we all believe Him for the impossible.

Blessings to you and your family!

Very good reminders to look at our 2011, and be thankful for what God smiles on. :) Also brings hope for what may come with 2012...all things are possible!!


So glad this week's post spoke to you. Aren't we all poor, pathetic women apart from God? Yes, we are. :) Lord, help us all remember what's true about us now because of Your great love. We're loved, called, treasured, and equipped to live a powerful, significant life. Yes, Lord. Amen.


Just want to say that you're a treasured friend. Love you.

WONDERFUL!!! Thank you!!

Oh my, Susie. What a lesson. As I read your post I could hear, "Sheila, this is how you must live. Forgiving the past offences against you. Remembering the blessings given to you."
I will try, Susie. I really will.
Thanks for helping us poor pathetic, saved and precious women.
Blessings to you and your family.
(I have your CD in the car and listen to it ALL the time. Over and over again.)

What a great reminder....that he remembers all the ways I have gone to bat for HIS.
I never think about that. Thank you Susie for helping to lift my heart today!
Looking forward and up!!!

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