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February 01, 2012

He Works While You Rest...

Night PhotoHappy Wednesday, Friends!

And to those visiting, I say welcome! Susie Larson here...

I post every Wednesday and my sole purpose is to nourish your soul along the way. Each month I give away a $10.00 Starbucks gift card to someone who posts on my blog. So leave a comment, share an insight, bless lots of folks, and just maybe you'll win a jolt of java for you and a friend.

It's time to announce the winner for January. Drum roll please...

Kathy Miller, congratulations! Email me at: info@susielarson.com with your mailing address and I'll get your gift card in the mail to you. Thanks everyone for posting on my blog!

Now on to my topic...

I've been working my way through the Gospel of Mark and something caught my attention recently. Read this little passage:

Jesus also said, “The Kingdom of God is like a farmer who scatters seed on the ground. Night and day, while he’s asleep or awake, the seed sprouts and grows, but he does not understand how it happens. (verses 26-27)

The seed represents the Word of God. When seed is planted in good soil, it produces a great harvest. To have good soil in your heart is to have a great atmosphere for growth. If you look at the previous paragraphs in Mark chapter four, you'll notice that Jesus addresses the different reasons the Word doesn't take root:

  • Seed on the footpath (and unguarded heart) ~ Satan comes and takes it away
  • Seed on the rocky soil (no spiritual depth) ~ Troubles come and they fall away
  • Seed among the thorns (distracted by worries, enticed by riches) ~ The lesser life makes them lose their way

And yet, when seed is planted in good soil, a miracle of multiplication takes place! Great soil yeilds sometimes thirty, sometimes sixty, and sometimes even one hundred times as much as was planted!

When we plant seeds of God's Word into the lives of others, and we don't see a result at first, we must not lose heart. When we plant seeds of faith for God to move mightily in our midst, and then we water them with the Word of God and the promise of His faithfulness, we can rest in God and trust the growth process to Him.

When we hold on to faith, we don't have to keep digging up the soil.

The striver struggles with the unseen process, can't quite accept that most change at first happens beneath the surface. But the one who rests in the knowledge who trusts God is who He says He is, they know that God can bring forth life from the smallest faith seed. They know that in due time, life will push through the soil, and reveal itself to a watching world.

There's something so powerful about a heart at rest, a heart set fully on the faithfulness of God.

When we lay our head on the pillow at night, God still works. When we carry out our daily duties and entrust our unfulfilled desires to God, He carries out His plan for us. When we cease striving because we know He is God, He steps up and shows us that He truly is God.

It's important to plant seeds of faith in the soil of your heart. It's important to sow seeds in the lives of others. It's important not to forget that God's promises are true for you and for those you touch every day. And how wonderful to know that as you entrust your whole life to Him (as well as the countless seeds you sow), He is working and continues to work on your behalf.

Jesus is an active and engaged God and He does His best work on behalf of a restful heart. Rest in Him. He's fully invested in you.

~Until next week.



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No sé qué decir. Este blog es fantástico. Eso no es realmente una declaración realmente enorme, pero es todo lo que podía llegar a después de leer esto. Usted sabe mucho acerca de este tema. Tanto es así que me dieron ganas de aprender más sobre él. Su blog es mi trampolín, mi amigo. Gracias por el aviso sobre este tema.

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Hello Ek is so opgewonde ek het jou blog bladsy, ek is regtig jy per ongeluk gevind het, terwyl Ek was op soek vir iets anders op Yahoo, Anyways ek is nou hier en wil net sê dankie vir 'n fantastiese pos en 'n all round genotvolleblog (Ek is ook lief vir die tema / of ontwerp), Ek het nie tyd om te lees deur dit alles op die oomblik nie, maar Ek het boek-nagesien het en ook jou RSS feeds bygevoeg, so as ek tyd het, sal ek terug wees om te leesveel meer, moet asseblief nie die fantastiese werk hou.

Wow... I barley recognize Alec Baldwin. He definably looks better as a brunette.

Susie, thank you for this post. I have been wrestling with this very thing! There are personal dreams that I have felt since I was 9 years old and I felt selfish praying that they would come true. Even dipped into fear if they did. Lately, God has been telling me in various places of his love for me and that it's GOOD to dream big dreams and see what happens! Thank you for being another messenger for Him.

Thanks a lot,I learn a lot from your information...

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La mujer poco común "es mi siguiente lectura - no puedo esperar que va a utilizar el sitio con regularidad Cuando las condiciones son buenas, ahí están.!.

Hello Susie,

I am so excited to have found your site. I am reading and re-reading your book "Growing grateful kids" I have taken so many notes and wanted to highlight so many "nuggets" that I am returning the book to our church library and asking for my own copy for my birthday. "The uncommon woman" is my very next read - can't wait. I will be using your site regularly!


A great reminder. We can't even begin to know all the Kingdom that will sprout from the seeds we've been involved in planting!

I am right with you Jennifer! Sometimes I think this waiting will drive me batty...but as a gardener God reminded me that the plants I long to see, my favorites, are the last to sprout from our cold ground. When the conditions are right, there they are. How like God.

Thank you for this Susie. I'm a new follower of your blog, but so appreciate your posts of encouragement on FB. This one speaks right to me, right where I am, today. God has brought me to this place of waiting. And it's really hard! I know He's always been faithful. He has never let me fall anywhere I didn't need to fall, and yet, the temptation is to find my own solution. Now. He just keeps telling me to trust Him. He knows my heart so well. He knows if he told me anything, any little tidbit of info, I'd run right out and force it to happen. Instead, he waits until just the right moment and reveals what He's up to. All without my great ideas. LOL I am grateful for a sovereign and merciful God. Thank you for reminding me to trust Him to be good!

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